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Transylvania Best specialises in travel to Romania and we are here to offer you a personal, flexible and highly efficient service. Therefore, if you have any other queries or you would like to adapt your Romanian package in any way, we will be pleased to offer you any assistance that you may require.

Transylvania Live's Private tours

We offer unforgettable touring experiences which are extremely flexible and can be altered or tailored to suit your needs.
Our aim has always been to provide you with the opportunity to live it, not just see it and all of our tours offer guests a real immersion in the destination.
As you receive exclusive use of our range of comfortable vehicles and knowledgeable local guides, we are able to ensure the highest level of quality and service possible.
The passion and expertise of our team is second to none and this turns your travel experience with Transylvania Live into an unforgettable one.
Your highly qualified guide of more than 10 years' experience will tell you as much, or as little as you want to hear, and not just about history and monuments - but also about all aspects of today's life, for example where the best shops, restaurants and hotels are situated, what's going on, theatre life, the gossip and current events...

People "Come as a Visitor, leave as a Friend"

The people of Transylvania belong to a large number of ethnic groups (such as Romanian, Hungarian, German, Gypsy, and Jewish) have different customs, folk dresses, foods, and languages, but they all have one thing in common: an extremely archaic lifestyle, deeply rooted in ancient tradition and history. The originality and uniqueness of its people makes Transylvania an interesting, and in many ways, pleasantly challenging and deeply touching place to visit. Another main characteristic of all the Transylvanians is their boundless hospitality. The motto of the locals is "Come as a visitor, leave as a friend."
Transylvania is a place not affected yet by the new technology of the 21st century is wild, wonderful, ancient, and magical. When one walks the streets of these medieval cities and villages or hikes the undisturbed wilderness, you will feel you have stepped back in time seven centuries. This is unique opportunity for a trip back in time, and if you want to experience it in its undisturbed state, there is no time to waste. The sooner you come the more interesting your experience will be. While modernization can have positive effects, from the standpoint of geotourism concentrating on history and medieval quality modernization can bring on rather devastating and degrading changes.
Photographer Ed Kashi of National Geographic said about a trip to Romania, "I enjoyed shooting in Romania. It still has a rawness, a primitive quality I like. People dress and behave in a way I call 'photo innocence'."
Among the forest blanketed Carpathian Mountains bordering Transylvania are ancient Saxon towns where farmers drive ox-drawn carts and maintain a simple life that by no means curbs the sense of hospitality for which they have long been known.

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